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Minimalist Diaper Bag

After buying a new diaper bag, it’s time to update you on what I pack in my diaper backpack. I like to pack my diaper bag light and pack only things I know Alayah will need. Alayah is 10 months and I’ve realized she doesn’t need a lot at this age.

| P r o d u c t s   M e n t i o n e d |

♥Moskka Diaper Backpack
♥Honest Sanitizer
♥Honest Diapers
♥Honest Healing balm
♥Honest Diaper Rash Cream
♥Water Wipes
♥NaturSutten Bottles
♥Mum Mum Snacks
♥Travel Mug
♥Seventh Generation Diapers

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